RU EN HE Slogan
Statement on the Creation
Created and populated by Jews - citizens of the former Soviet Union;
Russian and citizens of all nationalities of the former Soviet Union
jointly passed the way to freedom from former Soviet Union;
citizens of other countries is determining their morality, lifestyle and action
in accordance with the principles of our Community.
We, the builders of the Global Community of Russian Jews:
- Jews and citizens of the former Soviet Union, children and grandchildren of generations – the Winners of the World War II against fascism in the Soviet Union and in countries around the world;
- Jews and citizens of the former Soviet Union, children and grandchildren of generations – are not killed in the Nazi camps, in the ghettos, in Holocaust, in the Soviet GULAG’s camps;
- Jews and citizens of the former Soviet Union, children and grandchildren of generations – are fought for the Exodus from socialist Soviet Union and Won in this fight;
- Jews and citizens of different countries who know the meaning of totalitarianism in his life and in the life of his family, who know the ability of totalitarianism to transform into different types, but leaving unchanged its essence - false of ideology, the dictatorship of the Board, and as a result, destruction of the Jews, Jewish religion, the Jewish state.
We are united by one country of Exodus - the former Soviet Union, by general cultural and moral concepts, common language - Russian. We define ourselves as a community of people sharing a common mentality, tendency of thinking, understanding and accepting of our traditions and human aspirations, regardless of country of residence.
We the people!
We declare the creation of Global Community of Russian Jews!
We, the Russian Jews, citizens of the former Soviet Union are the people with knowledge of life in different geographical countries and different political systems. We know the inner essence of the countries not only by religion, ideology, proclaimed the political system but the existent practice. This knowledge gives us the right and obliges us to create a new public social system.
We are united by a common sense of danger, emanating from the societies and countries that have chosen the way of development is capable of revival of totalitarianism. We unite in the community that provides free, secure, prosperous life of people in all countries of our residence.
We are building a Global Community of the Russian Jews as the first stage in the creation of "Jewish Small Superpower".
The initial conditions are defined by the existence of a developed (politically and economically) country of Israel. Small Jewish Superpower will created by joint of Metropolitan State - Israel and the Diaspora of the Russian Jews of all geographic countries of our residence.
We create our Community as Internet-communications community, united together Jews - citizens of the former Soviet Union, present citizens of Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United States and many other countries. Languages of the Village: Hebrew, Russian and English are equal. In the process of time GERCOMM development the languages of all countries are used.
We are open and friendly to the world!
Our goals are:
- association of the Jews, our families to ensure a free, secure, wealthy life in different countries;
- creation of conditions of life for each resident, employment, education, medical care in accordance with our principles of morality, religion, freedom;
- free, strong, independent Jewish country – Israel;
- free and equal right community in all countries of residence of Jews, in all countries of the diaspora.
Parting words, kind words and blessings on GERCOMM buildings are received from:
- CZiVe - Club veteran Zionists, Israel;
- Association "Remember and Save", Exodus of Soviet Jews, United States.