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Log In to Web_site and moving through the site require registration at all stages of its construction.
Currently, goal of the site is to provide a specific number of persons having knowledge and competency for solving the problem of building GERCOMM. Therefore, at present there is no need for registration.
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This site performs the function an open structure, bringing together interested individuals. Common for all involved in the development and organization of the project is a feeling of personal responsibility for the fate of the Jewish people and the State of Israel, the ideological orientation and held the confidence of man.   Work on the project expected to cover up to 100 people, united by network structure.
Pages of a site free for review and clarify its own position of any person or accidental visitor. Over a period time of the discussion is not necessary in registration, but participant or a casual visitor is interested on Community preparing themselves for future action necessary.   The authors, are united into group, offer to one participant a representational and organizational functions for the final conference.
In the future, the movement on the Community is limited by the status of a visitor: - "Interested person" or "Associated participant" or "Full-fledged participant" of GERCOMM. .   Upon completion of the texts, the site goes into interactive mode, which includes registration, surveys forming solutions of the GERCOMM.
Each author - the future participant of the Community, attracted to the work on a project GERCOMM, obliged to familiarize with the existing "Draft Plan of GERCOMM," make your own "Draft" or modify existing ones.   Interactive pages accesses the pages, "Associated participant" and "Full-fledged participant" and entered as the GERCOMM settlement.
Each author is invited to:
- define own concept of a Participant;
- make own definition of "Associated participant" and "Full-fledged participant";
- determine own criteria of "value estimation of the person";
- to justify a minimum investment deposit of participant;
- to propose their own projects;
  The process of projects identifying, form an investment package, the implementation of the projects, making a profit - the subject of the next phase of the structure being created.
The process of forming social solutions, applications and preferences - with the growth of the economic success of GERCOMM.