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Necessity of understanding foundations of GERCOMM, issues that arise during the initial period of the Community and in later life GERCOMM solved on the forums. More. Participation in forums, work in forums one of the major criteria that affect "value estimation of the person." Methods for determining the effectiveness of the participants, including its employment in the forums Community. Presumably, each settlement conducts your forum.
The first forum - organizational, leading - Boris Zelkin, initiator and coordinator of GERCOMM.
Link to forum here:  Organizing Forum.  The forum is in design.
With the growth of the Community and start working the Sakharov Center functions leading forum will go to the people engaged in the work of the Center or its Boards. Access to organizational forum possible visitor GERCOMM with status of "Interested person.".
At the stage of site organization the forum is in a public.
Second forum is leading by Liora Ziv-Ami.
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At all articles, expression of Liora Ziv-Ami, explicit and clearly perceived the voice of the Jewish people. Awareness of the ability of Russian Jewry to move in the epoch of the Third Temple, the ideology of the family and the Fifth Commandment, the power connection of the Jewish and Russian people in the themes "The Third Temple and the Third Rome."
Access to the forum Lior Ziv-Ami available for participant GERCOMM with the status “"Full-fledged participant".