The list of GERCOMM Participants in alphabetic or any order is resulted in the given file.
Each Participant, at will, fills out the full name either any other alphabetic or digital designation. Cliques the name of the Participant,or on its alphabetic number conducts to page of the Participant. Participant
The digital index specifies to the geographical country of the Participant, for example: Israel - 01, Russia-02, USA-03, Ukraine - 04, Germany - 05 and further.
The settlement index leads to the list of the Participants who have registered in this or in GERCOMM.
The personal page of the Participant is its territory, its property.
It is supposed that the Participant will lead the their biographical information in an arbitrary form convenient to him.Preferably, the Participant described himself, drew a variety of achievements. It would be attractive if people indicated their reasons for interest in living in GERCOMM.
Every Participant has the right to make your profile public Community, close to its own password, or make it known to few. Personal page can be used for publication, the study of their own professional interests and potential applications in the Community, and in the geographic countries.
Community will give to Participant maximum possibilities fmaximum possibilities for express opinion on all problems of Community. The expressed opinion is transferred to the public statistical Center.
Community will give to Participant the maximum possibilities that each personal page has been used as the tool of an estimation of own and public investments, the analysis and definition own "value estimation of the person”.

The volume of tasks and problems for the decision is immense, it is especially important to create Personal page as much as possible convenient for use and application.

Participants List of GERCOMM
Link-reference to the name of Participant or to specified number leads on his Personal page.
Link- reference to the name of Settlement lead to Web-page settlement.
Number Name Country Settlements Personal Page
FFFFF Boris Zelkin
Initiator GERD. Coordinator.
01, 03 John von Neumann, Gold_Goldenberg, History. YES
0ABC0 Vitaly Raevsky 01,03 Chaim Weizmann, Philosophy, History. YES
0ABC1 Liora Ziv-Ami
Moderator.Topic:Fifth Comandment.
Third Temple, Third Rome.
01 Evgeny Kissin, Philosophy, History. YES
0ABCB JBO 01,03 Gold_Goldenberg,  Philosophy,  History.