GERCOMM forms public center - of Sakharov Center of Morality. Definition of Andrey Sakharov: "Politics should be moral" - is a moral principle of GERCOMM.
Morality Center unites GERCOMM Settlements for exchange of information and decision making. Morality Center creates norms of morals GERCOMM, assesses morality of the GERCOMM and geographic coutries. The assumption that the number members of Center Morality comes from the Napoleonic Sanhedrin and is 71.
GERCOMM develops specific criteria for the elite in the Center of Morality, which includes not only people with the highest "value estimation of the person” but with proven high morality.
The concept of Morality Center is based on an ancient principle of self-management of the Jewish communities.
In the words of Ze'ev Jabotinsky "In most literal sense that government by consent of the governed". We recreate the situation of the first years of the existence of Israel, when Ben-Gurion was complaining that he is the Prime Minister of the country, which consists from the Premier Ministers. GERCOMM is constructed as community participants with a high level of personal freedom and a high level of personal responsibility.
No one Country of the modern world, including democratic country, not able to build such a system of governance. And no country is able to get such significant advantages of this method of social control.
GERCOMM forms a Layer of Managers, External Council and Council for Protection people, investments and enterprises Community. Each of these institutions is limited in number (for example, equal to 71), is made up of participants have higher "value estimation of the person”. The desire for highest "value estimation of the person” correspond to moral principles of GERCOMM.
Employment of participants in the Sakharov Center and in Councils does not changes the "value estimation of the person”, leaving competitiveness working in the Center equal to each participant, but adds percentage to dividend of participant at the time the employment. Employment of participants in institutions is not permanent. Each year, runs a software update institutions, according to "value estimation of the person”. Time employment of an individual with a permanent high "value estimation of the person” is limited to criteria Community.
GERCOMM creates a Layer of Managers for the analysis of projects and ideas of Community’s participants, the initiation of new research, technology, business, enterpises. Managers Layer proposes the formation of public fund investments and makes a request of investments for creation and development of enterprises GERCOMM.Managers Layer concentrates investments and distributes fund using software to finance tasks of GERCOMM.
Layer Managers uses statistical center and produces its own decision-making methods, which differ from existing in geographical states. Decision-making methods based on GERCOMM global undistorted assessment of participants that leads to greater efficiency. Superior moral decisions allows to create enterprise GERCOMM in various geographical states. Methods of operation lets to avoid a loss of ideas, authors and copyright.
GERCOMM creates External Council, which assesses the Community communication to the geographical states.
External Council proposes GERCOMM cooperation with the geographical state at a positive or neutral estimation of interrelation. GERCOMM terminates its activity in a given geographic state in case of a negative evaluation of the cooperation. GERCOMM as much as possible compensates possible losses, exercises the right a much greater compensation of any kind, achieving moral decision.
GERCOMM creates Council for Protection of the people, investment and enterprise Community.
GERCOMM is a nationally-oriented community, working on space of many geographical states. GERCOMM has a sufficient historical substantiation for the creation of the Council for Protection.