Intellectual Property (IP) Jewish people.
GERCOMM announces its most important activity support of the existing intellectual property and the creation of new IP. Intellect of the Jewish people, each resident is disclosed and embodied for his own use and for the good of their people, but NOT a geographical state in which participant GERCOMM lives and the more its government.
Countries of different civilizations have used the Jewish people in its development and enrichment. Geographic state does not return to the past and does not return in present the true value of intellectual labor its creators. Our intention and our duty to change this policy.
This web page shows some examples of Jewish intelligence exploitation.
1—Math system created at Auschwitz.
(According to the article,   author Arnold Fain)
In the hell of the concentration camps, prisoner of Auschwitz, the Jew Jacob Trachtenberg created the mathematical theory of fast computing. Without a book, without paper, without pencil. Survived. Fled to Switzerland in 1944. There is developed a theory, started to teach. To teach swiss children and adults.
A meeting with the journalist here is the result: Jacob Trachtenberg Math system is described in a book published in the U.S. for children "Instant mathematics." Its author - a journalist, reporter, Ann Cutler.
Soon, on the basis of research of Trachtenberg Professor Rudolf MakSheyn and journalist Anna Cutler together accounted textbook for teachers and high school students, and college students. This book was published under the title "Fast Trachtenberg system of elementary mathematics." And today, this book can be purchased at , The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics, its price is $ 86.50!
Jacob Trachtenberg himself died in 1953.
Our question. Why intellect of Jew (a Russian Jew!), survivor of Auschwitz is a source of education and enrichment of those who did not do nothing to save him, and millions like him in the war?
How should we respond to the XXI century?
2 – I ask the reader to see the article.  Who invented the flash memory?
One of the founders of the flash memory - a professor at Tel Aviv University Simon Litchin. In 1999, the Israeli company "M-Systems" for the first time released a flash memory. She came up with Dov Moran and Amir Ban. Simon Liqing invented technology X4, which received in 2005 the title of "Best New of Year."

Let's look at the chain: the inventor Simon Litchin -> but the invention belonged to the Tel Aviv University, which the license to Sandisk. -> Major manufacturers: Samsung, it is followed by Toshiba with Sandisk, then Hynix - division of Hyundai, and Micron to Intel. The result: annual sales of flash memory up to $ 20 billion, so that the profits are huge. The net profit of the American company Sandisk, for example, has, together with the Toshiba exclusive rights to the use of our invention, in the last quarter was about 40%.

And what about the author? What a small part of the profits goes into the hands the author? Why is the first manufacturer (Israel) transfers rights and the subsequent income in the hands of the largest manufacturers, while remaining outside accomplice process?
To whom geographical State will go tax from the profit?
Again, our question. How should we respond to the XXI century?

3 - The winner of the World Food Prize in 2012 called Israeli expert on irrigation and soil. Daniel Hillel, was declared the winner on June 12 in a ceremony at the U.S. State Department. (Based on:   )

And already in  stated that at the moment the technology of Hillel used in more than 30 countries, including Cyprus, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran , Jordan, India, the United Arab Emirates.
Ask the reader to see Web site of organization "The World Food Prize".   Pay attention to the pictures: “Dr. Hillel with Palestinian Muslim community leaders through whom he has encouraged the adoption of drip irrigation” and at the same time, the political leaders of these countries, lead their people to destroy the Jewish state - Israel.
And again, our question. How should we respond to the XXI century?

Global Community of Russian Jews unites the people of Metropolitan State - Israel and Jewish communities in the Diaspora are able to change the colonization’s practice of using intelligence of the Jewish people. Advances in science, engineering, technology has to work for the inventor and his grateful people.