Budget. Business. Enterprises.
Creating a budget GERCOMM.
GERCOMM is achieving its objectives (GERCOMM Plans ...) creating effective global enterprises and businesses.
The method is based on dynamic formation of an investment package, the organization management structure, functioning enterprises that operate in the global market. The participants have practical knowledge in all kinds of human activities. The overwhelming majority of our participants, in one form or another occupied at the enterprises with sufficient level of technologies in their geographic country. We are guided by high intellectual level of the participants.
Budget GERCOMM is formed by monetary funds, investment of each participant. Participant of the Community determine their financial possibilities. The participant denotes a minimal level of investment characteristic for the "middle-class individual" in the geographical country of his residence.
GERCOMM is interested in a considerable number of its participants and permanent increase it. Community creates fund "claimant" who have not reached the level of "middle-class individual", presumably - are young people. GERCOMM pass under the control of "claimant" minimum package of investment, income from which is passed to the property as the "claimant" and as community. The Community does not restrict the upper limit of the investment. GERCOMM offer to "investor of s significant investment"participation in global projects, profit and prospects, the development of which is more perfect than the geographic state. The quantity of the invested monetary weight a single person does not influence to "value estimation of the person”.
GERCOMM does not perform the functions of the bank deposit money. A participant does not transfer GERCOMM deposits to hold them. GERCOMM does not offer a staticthe stationary function of maintaining the investment. GERCOMM funds are not to participate in the financial systems of geographical countries.
Initially, a participant passes only information about its capabilities and preferences.Participant knows and supports the basic law of the Community - the Law on Responsibility. GERCOMM participant is responsible for his actions when requested investment for projects GERCOMM and directs individual funds to formed package. GERCOMM carries out dynamic moving of investments from participants in the total package for financing of the enterprises of GERCOMM. Participants receive complete information about the fund and project investment. The information is the same for every person, regardless of the investment in the fund.
Participant of the Community have unchallenged right to return of investment and profit. Return to the individual fund of the participant is defined by the invested contribution, the value of effectiveness of investment projects and "value estimation of the person”. Return to the individual fund of participant can not be less than the size of investment participant.
Managing of the Community Budget.
Direct participation in distribution resources the Community is the main task of every person, the subject of his responsibility. Participant is participates in the distribution of both its own - personal and social - resources of Community.
Participant determines the percentage of own participation in managing their individual funds and passes the rest of the individual fund under public control. Permitted arbitrary distribution of participation, on request participant, but the percentage distribution varies in limits: 10% ... 90%.
GERCOMM forms of public fund from investment of GERCOMM participants, profits of enterprises and businesses , their merging into a public investment package. The public fund is directed at the creation of new businesses, development of the enterprises of GERCOMM, financing of innovative projects.
The value of the investment package and direction of movement is determined by the total value of all "value estimation of the person”, chosen a specific investment. Public fund does NOT exist as a stationary financial bank. The profit received by the enterprises of GERCOMM, is transferred to participants of Community according to the invested contribution and "value estimation of the person”.
The "value estimation of the person” is defined, in accordance with criteria established by Community.
Criteria of "value estimation of the person” is defined by Community and depend on a combination of factors such as:
- personal, family and national priorities;
- activity in management of the Community, participation in Community settlements, work at the Community enterprises;
- level of professionalism of an individual, competitiveness in the global market, existing and improved education;
- enclosed innovative and author's priorities, etc.
Absolute value of the investment does NOT affect the "value estimation of the person”.
Enterprises of the Community.
GERCOMM creates the enterprises directed on global manufacture, service and the market.
Dynamic moving of investments from GERCOMM's participants in a total package is carried out for creation of the enterprises, productions, formation of packages of financing of projects, functioning of education systems, medical systems. The primary purpose of GERCOMM’s business is to make profit in the norms are superior than existing in geographic states.
Leading type of activity is the creation of GERCOMM intellectual property in the form of patents, technology, systems of vital development and their methods. GERCOMM study achievements of the Jewish people past hundred years, the unique methodology of Jewish communities in different geographical countries, the intellectual contribution of Jews to the development of geographical states.GERCOMM protects the rights of its people and the Jews - people of different countries from illegal or undeclared use of intellectual property belonging to the Jewish people.GERCOMM will declare the right to innovations created by Jews in the past and the present.
GERCOMM takes advantage in intellectual property. GERCOMM directs investment venture for the development of innovative methods and technologies, on author’s and scientific solutions.
GERCOMM carries out emptive right of a participant to work in enterprises Community. GERCOMM allocates funds which form competitiveness of the participants in the global market. GERCOMM creates a fund family, fund education, health funds. GERCOMM creates social funds, profitable for the Community.
GERCOMM enterprises pass taxation laws accepted in the country in which the one or the other business is carried out. The Community does not transfer any part of the profits as a result of their activities in a form of tax or other form to geographic state participant.
Possible examples of the enterprises:
- Production of "rural" computers with degree of protection superior the known.
- Protective system of own Network and the Internet - connectionы, distinct from the the existing ones.
- Food, facilities and systems maintenance GERCOMM’s participants regardless of geographic state.
- The enterprises based on innovative technologies of GERCOMM’s participants.
- Health care system for the GERCOMM’s participants extended to the geographical states.
- Education system, considering mentality participants of Community irrespective of the geographical state.
- Protection system participants of GERCOMM and its enterprises.