The Concept of GERCOMM
The participants determined the goals and methods of realization of our intentions.
We, Russian Jews - the people who makes the decision and the responsibility to create GERCOMM.
Who are WE?
From Yuri Shtern of 2002. Israel.(Web page – Original Sourse).
“…I am deeply convinced that Russian Jews have a very special quality, a special purpose, a special mission in modern Jewish history. The community, as well as any person who is not following its mission, does not fulfill its mission, betrays itself. Therefore the opportunity to do what entrusted to us in history, it is also the responsibility and duty.…”
From Liora Ziv-Ami, Israel "I believe in the Russian Jewry", 2009
"... Pioneer-Halutzim seen in employment rights are not only a means of getting bread, but creativity and thought working life necessary condition formation of the individual as an individual, and population in general. It was already installation on the the cultural self-creation of man, which is essential to the existence of a civilization in the epoch of the Third Temple ... "
Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged",
(For short, from Sonia Tuchinskaya, 2012.)
- Mind is a unique instrument of knowledge and unique guide to action;
- Capitalism is the highest achievement of humanity and free enterprise is basis of universal happiness and prosperity;
- The single task of the state is to ensure the inviolability of private property and individual rights.
Our goal - to create the best opportunities for employment of all participants of GERCOMM.
Intelligence of the Jewish people, each participant is realized for his personal benefit and for the benefit of its people, but NOT a geographical state in which lives participant GERCOMM and especially its government.
The countries of Western civilization over centuries used the Jewish people for their own development and enrichment. Geographic state does NOT return value of the results of intellectual work to its creator and to the Jewish people. This policy will change - our intention.
(Examples of the use the intelligence of the Jewish people - Web page: IP Jew).
We are NOT…
To achieve our goals, we clearly define who essentially can NOT live in our Commnity.
We are NOT a socialist-oriented citizens of Israel. We are not supporters of of Israel’s "constancy" in the party, in government, in all branches of government, state agencies, the judiciary and the media influences. We do NOT simon-peresovsky supporters of any number of states for any number of people in Israel. This is our country, we are those who raise to Israel to work and build the country. We will not give anyone the right to take full charge of our own country.
We are NOT american obama-oriented Russian Jews from the former Soviet Union. We're NOT a liberal russian-jewish immigrants seeking to "get comfortable" in the social system of the US. We do NOT accept changes to the capitalist market system of the United States. We do not accept the transformation of the United States of America to welfare state, to state of welfare.
We do NOT putin-oriented Jews in Russia or other countries of the former SSSR. We do NOT support the existence of a strong government for populations close to her. We do NOT support a corrupt bureaucracy enrichment through the people and us as well. We will NOT support survival of the former Soviet Union at our expense, by the standard of living of our families, the suppression of our freedoms.
We do NOT accept the existing ideologies, political systems and politicians as the theory and practice of our society, or as the foundation of formation of our Commnity. For us it is passed stage of their own development, knowledge of a past stage in which we lived in the past and live is now. We estimated with our lives the truth and a lie of socialism and capitalism, the ability of democracies to move into totalitarianism, falsity of Western liberalism, unscrupulousness existing political system and the politicians are create.
Citizens geographical States participating in the system of political power of any country, in all its branches: legislative, executive, judicial, can NOT participate in the life of GERCOMM.
GERCOMM does Not allow systems of mass influence, their owners and their authors to participate in solving problems GERCOMM, show or in any way to discuss them in their systems.GERCOMM use the system of mass influences of geographic states to appeal to the people of those countries and in those cases that people GERCOMM deems necessary.GERCOMM provides information of general form through independent Internet bloggers, the Residents who live in Metropolitan and the Diaspora countries.
Our friends:
Citizens, society and the state, based on the principles of democracy; do not permit alteration the democratic principles, deviations from them, convert to liberal totalitarian..
Not our friends (enemies):
- The citizens and the state, declaring Nazism as an ideology of the superiority of a nation, race, country;
- The citizens and the state, declaring socialism and communism as an ideology of the dictatorship of social class, the dominant ideology of the Party, the country;
- The citizens and the state, declaring Islamism as an ideology of radical Islam;
- Nationals of declaring the Western European and American liberalism as an ideology tolerant liberalism - modern socialism, having the same ultimate goals, as well as the preceding real socialism.