We, the Jews and our families, citizens of Israel, United States, Russia and others - former citizens of the Soviet Union, and their descendants - children and grandchildren create the Internet community -GERCOMM.
We the PEOPLE. We live in different geographical countries.
Our intentions are:
creation of a community - the Global Community of Russian Jews for an active and successful life of the participants in different countries of the XXI century.
The reasons for our actions are:
the inability of existing countries and their political systems for a worthy existence of the Jewish people in the XXI century and especially the most active part of it - Russian Jewry.
Our goals are:
the formation of the Country of Israel as a “Jewish Small Superpower”, consisting from Metropolis State - Israel and the strong Jewish Diasporas are developed in different geographical countries - U.S., Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ukraine and others.
Our actions are:
- ensure of an active life of the participants of our Community, with an efficiency exceeding existing in geographical states of residence;
- creation of the Community having the intellectual capacity not less than the power of the developed countries;
- growth of wealth and prosperity of each participant in different forms, individual freedom and responsibility are superior in the size and forms that are possible in a single country.
Our methods are:
- the union of intellectual and financial capital of the the participants of Community living in different geographical countries;
- the organization of global enterprises, businesses in the areas are economically effective;
- the formation of a global system for family creation;
- improving the medical systems that complement similar system of geographical states and eliminating their disadvantages;
- the development of education systems that complement the educational system of geographic states to develop of individual abilities, identifying talent.
The ideological basis - non-socialist community, illiberal organization, responsible participation of every resident in the personal and societal improvement.
Religions - freedom of religion together with encourage the study of Judaism in different ways.
Managing of the Community – the election based on:
- the value of voting for every participant is determined by the "value estimation of the person";
- Community is form Councils from participants with highest “величиной оценки личности”.
The living standards of the Russian Jew, his personal capital: money or business does not provide comprehensive living standards of the individual and family's, his needs and ambitions within the existing geographical states. It performs social community -GERCOMM.
1 - The author of the project GERCOMM - Boris Zelkin. The project was developed during 2010 ... 2012's, in the United States.
Discussion of the project took place in a narrow range of friends and in a enough wide range of no-friends, whose criticism is inadequate as a positive phenomenon.
2 - The is the basic version, the changes and additions are possible and necessary.
3 - The term "geographic state" is used to denote states, which defining itself as a democratic state.
4 -The definition of "value estimation of the person"corresponds to efficiency of participant and varies according to the criteria of the Community. This is used when voting on the Community and in determining of the rate of profit participant. More information is on the site.