GERCOMM will organize their own University for different types of knowledge for the participants of Community which living in different geographical countries.
The purpose of GERCOMM University are:
- the creation of educational programs and courses aimed at identifying children's abilities at an early age, training of educational qualities that exceed possible in traditional education of the geographical states;
- creation of a continuous cycle of education for students and professionals of different levels and in different fields of knowledge to improve the competitiveness of participants GERCOMM on the global labor market;
- - creation of professional seminars of Community’s participants with high level of knowledge in order to share information, knowledge, methods, advanced technology with the subsequent transfer of knowledge in the Sakharov Center for practical use.
GERCOMM intends to create a library of Video files with lectures, annotations made by experts in different fields of knowledge. As students, invitations will be sent to the participants, who demonstrate the appropriate level.
We are happy to use open videos showing the activity of citizens of different countries, contributing to the intellectual development of the participants of Community, regardless of ethnicity. Understanding that national states, and above all Russia, do not allocate Jewish citizens of their countries in their achievements in the development of these countries, we are exploring a variety of opportunities to showcase those achievements.
Possible examples:
Author:  Борис Черток - Космонавтика в 21 веке.
Видео интервью с Сергей Петрович Капица, ведущим передачу TV «Очевидное-невероятное».
Author: Boris Zelkin:
Arithmetic Units of Computing Machines, based on Data presented Random variables. Example of technical realization Digital filters