Frequently Asked Questions.  MIX.
Question 1: Why do I need this?:
Answer: This question was asked me American - Russian Jewish interlocutors, almost everything. Indeed, progress in 5-10 years, average life into a well-developed and safe country allows by condescending even down upon to consider the problem of close relatives, not to mention the fellow tribesmen people or even another state.
In this situation, it is impossible to hope for understanding. As a last resort, to pay off a single charity.
But Obama came, and reached level of liberalism, tolerance and multiculturalism began to pursue their claims. Banking rate on savings is close to 0. Interest received in stock market, declined. Turned out that taxes can change, and upward, and not just the price of gasoline. It turned out that children grow up, and tuition fees in a good college demands the high salary of both parents.
There was not so much the fear prompted by previous generations, how much excitement (while) for their future and for the family. According to the "smell" is defined by the occurrence of changes in the process or even "revolutionary" process.
Existence determined attention to the problems of life in the U.S. GERCOMM goals aimed at creating a safe and secure life of the Jewish people began to wonder ordinary, normal man in the street - an American Jew from Russia. And it's good!
Question 2: - one who has found the way to me.
You saw a great phrase to express their opinions. You named creation GERCOMM-NEOSIONIZM! Excellent! Thank you! You're right! But I can not take responsibility for so significant, so high definition! Let's wait and see. Time will show.
Question 3:Where will the money?
Excellent question. It's beautiful because, in my assumptions, the first to have to read and start thinking serious people. And this - accomplished person. Accomplished both in understanding the problems of the Jewish people, and in their own financial capabilities.