Challenges that we respond.
Throughout millennia of the History, Jews did not have enough long periods of time, which could be characterized as a time of safe, quiet and confident in the future. An ancient Israel, the countries of Diaspora, Jews lived in the performance of Its the covenants the Torah, seek peaceful interaction with the people among whom they lived. But always after the blossoming of the Jewish nation should exile and destruction of the Jews.
We returned to our country, in our Israel. This is a dream come true of all generations of Jews. It is our right! We have won our rights by struggle in the XIX and XX centuries. The greatest nations of the world have agreed to this right have supported us and have confirmed our right to Israel.
Since our inception, Israel defends itself in the struggle internal ideas and against an external enemy.
Last decades were added with an intensification of internal apostate from Zionism - the left liberals of Israel. From Oslo to the present time aspiration of this, insignificant in number layer introduce their ideology in people of Israel led to many casualties. Their unflagging desire to exist through the people not find the appropriate answer and is added by support of the organizations close on ideology, from the countries of the Western democracy. This is a major challenge to the decision of which will be directed our efforts.
For Russian Jews - citizens of the United Statesis characterized all the problems of the American people.
However, all more expressive understanding is that the heart of the problems is is aspiration of the American liberal to transform capitalist foundations of America. At the same time, the obvious becomes a significant participation of American Jews in these transformations. Jewish participation in America's problems is not supported by the former Russian Jews who have experience of anti-Semitism.
GERCOMM intentions and capabilities, will allow us respond to these challenges in the full, combined with our desire to create a prosperous and safe community.
We provide links to several articles and books, most clearly show the ideology and the trends that we have to change with the development of GERCOMM, strengthening its ideological, intellectual, and financial strength, growth in the number of its participants.
1.Liora Ziv-Ami, Israel
Diagnosis. Часть 1. 2008 2008 (English)
Diagnosis. Часть 2. 2011. 2008 2008 (English)
2.Michael Kopeliovich, Israel
Сионистский проект на грани краха.
The author with a chronological accuracy shown the facts that it is rated as the country's defeat and political leaders, leading to collapse of Israel. Absence of will in the decision of problems, corruption of the political system, failure and irresponsibility of politicians.
3.Collection of "Survive the West until 2084?"" Authors: Asya Entova, MosheYanovskiy,  Yehoshua Socol,  other.  Israel, Russia.
Author's title paraphrases the title essay, of former Soviet dissident Andrei Amalric, "Will the Soviet Union Survive until 2084?". The authors analyze the weakness of the "free society," the Western world. Conclusion of the authors collection is in necessity of public awareness of the dangers of mass culture, necessity of self-restriction and responsibility restoration.
Alexander Zinoviev.. Russian philosopher.Book: West.
Joseph Patrick Buchanan. USA. Book:The Death of the West.
4. The authors of the last century, wrote a book about the decline of the West is not wrong in his analysis. Two world wars have claimed millions of victims. Of the authors of the twentieth century we provide links to the two authors, whose analysis and credibility undeniable.
5. Yuri Okunev. USA.
Book: The incurable leftist disease in modern liberalism.
One of the world's experts in Digital Communication, consultant to many leading telecommunications company has written the book, in the preface to which stated: "... the main cause in the battle of civilizations is not the power of evil forces, and inability to oppose good to evil destructional its power. And this inability comes because one of the fundamental pillars of Western civilization - liberalism - is in a state of severe age-related disease of leftism, unfortunately, has passed into a chronic and almost incurable stage."
6. Vladimir Bukovsky. England.
England and the European community.
Dissident who spent 12 years in Soviet prisons, labor camps and asylums. Author of articles and books. Bukovsky expression "Behind the mask of political correctness hides most spiteful variant of Marxism" - the most accurate and outlines the focus Western ideology. Bukovsky accurate position for the term "political correctness, hiding evil plans aimed to destroy a society which is rapidly and successfully implemented worldwide by activists of various minorities - homosexuals, feminists, and other religious communities."
7. Vitaly Raevsky. USA.
The creator of the material was sewn spacesuit of the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin.
The book "Invasion of Islam in the West" is devoted to analysis of the Muslim mentality, his goal - the establishment of a "new (Islamic) world order" (sharia) and the analysis of their way to implement this. We present one sentence: "... in all western countries, including America, the invasion of Islam supported the Left the block - supporters of the dictatorship of the State, including the left-liberal Democrats. The reason is simple - they both aspire to power, but to do so they must destroy the current democratic system of individual liberty (modern capitalism). At this stage the purpose of the left and the Muslims are the same. They are aimed at the destruction of the American tradition and put the country from individual freedom to obedience to the state."
8. Eugenie Satanovsky. Russia.
Conscience of politicians.
An excerpt from that article Yevgeny Satanovsky: "The difference between a politician from a statesman consists in the fact that the latter, if you lie, knows why he does it. Successful management of the state does not exclude deviations from the truth in communicating with others, as do the "salvation" doctor. But here at least is clear. Politicians, as a rule, lie simply in order to stay in place or take someone else's. All they always swear that they do so for the good of the people of the country, at the worst party or ideals: it does not matter which. Socialism, national socialism, democracy, justice, representing an extremely comfortable and very extensible term that includes any number of conflicting points of view on what is justice and what methods it should be achieved. "
9. Ruth R. Wisse. USA.
Professor of the Harward university. In the book “Jews and the Power” the modern historian has shown history of mutual relations of Jews and power. In all countries where Jews were ever to live. At various times. Different socio-cultural circumstances. Research is devoted to the coexistence of ideologies, systems, living arrangement, mentalities. This intelligent study at the intersection of historiography, cultural studies, religious studies, political science and philosophy. Analyzed false hopes of the Jewish people in the history of the past centuries and allowed to repeat them in modern history.
10. Ayn Rand. USA
Novel «Atlas Shrugged» and other works of the author.
From Wikipedia: "...« Atlanta "in the novel by Ayn Rand condemned to keep on their shoulders the main driving forces of humanity - the production, creation and creativity. According to Ayn Rand, thanks to" Atlanta ", the heroes of the novel, perhaps the existence of mankind."
Specified materials are part of the many books and articles on the basis of which the Jews from the former Soviet Union, now living in all countries of the world, make conclusions specific to his mentality, education and intelligence.
- Western democracies have chosen the way of development that leads to the destruction of Western civilization. This way does not cause us any respect, no support. We are confident in his disastrous, but the politicians in the West are choosing this path, and we can only wish the people of these countries: there you and the road.
- We are sure that these governments will seek to continue their the safe (sometime) existence in any way and at any cost, including through the use of the Jewish population of their countries. But from historical experience we know that the power will betray Jews of the countries and will destroy the state Israel.
- We, the Jews of the former Soviet Union - the people, capable and obliged to keep themselves as a people and as a community of successful and wealthy individuals and our families. This task will be implemented by Global Community of Russian Jews - GERCOMM.