The definition of the Participant corresponding to the Statement on the Creation of GERCOMM, demands more detailed and strict explanation, more extensive analysis, than the present resulted on given page of a site.
Criteria forming the definition, some of them:
- The Jewish nationality and the national orientation combined with concept a member of a family - the person of any other nationality;
- The ideological orientation based on real representation of totalitarianism, nazism, a socialism, liberalism, democracy;
- The religious orientation excluding dogmatic perception, acceptance of the real understanding;
- The morals forming compatibility of the free and responsible person;
- Concepts of Love, Family, the Birth of children - the highest display of human essence.
The participant takes the basic law of GERCOMM - the Law of Responsibility which consists in obligatoriness of participation of each participant in definition of directions of development of Community, in financing of projects, businesses, distribution of the budget of Community. Responsibility consists in understanding of criteria of "value estimation of the person”, their possibilities in change of a "value estimation of the person”.
In Community each participant is the person of is equal to any another resident.
Community accepts rules distinct from existing in the geographical states.
We use concept “one person - one voice” only at the moment of introduction of the person into Community. Further “the value of voice“ changes under the influence of criteria to "value estimation of the person”.
The Community defines concept and criteria "value estimation of the person”.
Equality consists in equality of possibilities in change of "value estimation of the person” which is defined by knowledge, professionalism, responsibility. The Community’s decisions put together as result of merge estimations of all participants, but not summation of voices.
In Community the concept of the age qualification is entered. The individual as a member of Community can take part, for example, since 18 years. The right participant in distribution of the public budget is not earlier than 25 years.
The Community accepts the right to define individuals, professions, the professional occupations forbidden in Community. Politicians of the geographical states do not supposed to residing at Community. The persons occupied in activity of different branches of power of the geographical states do not supposed to participate at Community.
Process of settling of Community is individual. The first and next stages (a settling wave) are various on occurrences. The first, initial wave is an order of 100 persons. They are authors, partners of “SKETCH of PLAN …” and the persons recommended by them. They are individuals who have taken place in social and financial position, equal on belief.
In an initial stage the site works without any registration and restrictions for groups of authors, on personal contacts. In the steady period the GERCOMM, assumes to establish a dialogue operating mode of a site, with increasing complexity of registration, for example:
-“Occasional visitor” or the visitor entered on a site for the first time receives a free admission on a site and the elementary, noncommittal registration. Open access to files: «the Statement for creation GERCOMM» and «Concept GERCOMM» or like it.
- Any further moving on a site will offer to “Occasional visitor” registration for transition to status “Interested person” with repetition of registration, fixation in identification system and the further access to files, as “Sketches of the plan GERCOMM. Part1. A substantiation of necessity, possibility and sufficiency”.
- Following moving on a site will offer to “Interested person” registration to status “Associate participant” and access to a file: “Sketches of the plan GERCOMM. Part2 General provisions”.
- Following moving on a site will offer to “Associate resident” registration to status “Full-fledged participant” and access to a file: “Sketches of the plan GERCOMM. Part3 Plan realization” and to all other Web files.
The visible complexity in organization of the site are based on different possible actions:
- Financial investments of the “Full-fledged participant, creation financial stream for projects realization are demand the maximum protection.
- The community that takes out financial resources from management and control of the geographical state is created.
Despite the declared "democratic" principles, each country carries out sufficient control over the funds that are available on the citizen. It is necessary to expect possible rejection from the geographical state.
From the initial time GERCOMM should create a system capable of being improvement, which prevents failures in the operation and protected against the ingress of destructive influences .