Sketch of the plan GERCOMM...
Part 1. A substantiation of necessity, possibility and sufficiency. (Why)
Part 2. General provisions of the plan of Community. (What)
Part 3. Plan realization. “Devil is in the details”. (How)
Part 1. A substantiation of necessity, possibility and sufficiency.
Dear visitor!
You have read the Statement of GERCOMM creation and have defined necessary to be registered in order to continue a way in Community. This page is the first part of a way on which it is necessary to pass for each participant  of Community. It is a page of “interested person”.
The current state of the world, the politician and economy of the geographical states in which we live, have defined our anxiety and necessity realization of appropriate actions.

The global economic crisis has taken place. Born in the USA, it strikes all the countries in different forms. Approximate estimates shows that we - the people, united by Community, not divided by geographical boundaries states perceive these impacts with smaller losses than the citizens of any bureaucratically organized geographical state.

Form of organization of the most states is modern democracy developing in a direction of Western liberalism. Ways of its development are presumable in a direction of (“Decline of Europe” “Закат Европы” А.Зиновьев; ““The Decline of the West.” Oswald Spengler; Просуществует ли Запад до 2084, Ася Энтова).
Practice of the process expressed in the politician of political correctness, multiculturalism, tolerances, shows that degradation of Western world passes with rate which allows for current generations to see the results of this influence. (Yuri Okunev “ The incurable leftist disease in modern liberalism”; Марк Зальцберг "Исторические параллели"; Владимир Буковский ‘За маской политкорректности прячется самый злобный вариант марксизма”). Characteristically even for 2012 year (, President Obama) when the way of conversion of capitalist society USA to liberal socialism and to "welfare state" are available and carried. (Dennis Prager, "Why the Left support Obama").

Any democratic country taking the way of development in the direction of Western liberalism as well as "Guided democracy" (e.g. Russia) allows the formation of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel groups. Russian Jews raised in a socialist society possess the heightened sense of danger. We feel it in all geographic states where we live.

For the State Israel is characteristically existence of socialistically - oriented layer of society. This part of society, insignificant in number, but the using the "right of succession" and impact in systems of mass influences, forcing people and government of Israel for their decisions. Irresponsible ideology, which emerged from socialist ideas of previous century is supported (politically and financially) from countries of Western democracies. This policy has led Israel to heavy losses that have weakened the State. This policy has led to increased terrorist activity and to the victims of the Jewish citizens of Israel.

The Global Community of the Russian Jews solves problems of safe and effective development of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora countries. The participant of Community, go outside the border of geographical state, becomes the participant of the global Internet-communications community and acquire choice of degree of participation in development both as its geographical country and as GERCOMM.

Necessity - Possibility.
Our ability are defined by presence of communities of the Russian Jews practically in all developed states of the World. As citizens of the different geographical states we define ourselves as a community in the countries:
- Israel.
Jews - natives from the former Soviet Union, pass a hard way of absorption, as well as all waves of repatriation. But the natural constraints are supplemented by the fact that part of the population take a "leadership niche" in the state. They seek to build a country "like everyone else," denying our experience of life under socialism, denying our vision of the "Israeli mentality". For us there is “a glass ceiling” in government. Social experience, experience of education for children and adults is ignored. Russian-speaking specialists at various levels and specialties find their employment in other states.
- Russia.
For Russian Jews, Russia is country of origin and country of residence. Jews living in Russia were able to create a community in the country with "controlled vertical of power" and are aware of a possible explosion of anti-Semitism in the event of conflict. But the traditional way of life and social conditions in the country exceeds the fears, and emigrate for Israel or other countries means reducing the social status. Jews of Russia is a part of the Jewish people. They keep family relations and communications with friends outside of Russia. Members of the Jewish community are aware that the state allows to manage the "Jewish life" persons are subordinates to power and dependent from them.
- The United States of America.
Already become traditional, “democracy protection “by governments of USA is added a new species - to provoke a revolution changes in the countries of Middle East. In relation to State Israel, the government US directs the Arabian people to opposition with Israel. American Jewish community is the one part of the population which finances and participating in politics of the U.S. government.
Liberalism has infected a significant part of the Jewish community. Clearly expressed the desire to merge into "multiculturalism" with other religions and nations, social trends and fashion instincts forces us to assume about changes have already taken place in the consciousness and perception of the reality of the American Jews. Financial wealth, and visual appeal of life of American Jews are a tempting model for Russian Jews.
But still!
The social perception, level and nature of education, and vitality of many former Soviet citizens shows the difference between life values of Russian Jews from the dominant values of American Jews and defines them as different, separate entity.
Necessity - Possibility – Sufficiency.
This brief survey indicates the existence of the community having a common mentality as a system of world outlook and interaction.
We are able to speak different languages, live in different countries, with respect to perceive the people living in these countries, but we are who we are - Jews from Russia.
We comply with the laws of the country of residence - but we also have their own preferences:
  We are active and educated,
  We are capable of a lot and effectively work,
  We create industrial and cultural values in the different states,
  We are global - we everywhere,
  We were created by Russian Jews, and so we want to be!
The natural ability to create the Community is defined by existence of a strong and independent country of Israel as state of Metropolis. Technological and social possibilities of the geographical state of the Jewish people are sufficient for the further development.
GERCOMM is created as a social and economic system is able to function effectively both in Israel and in many countries, the countries of the Diaspora. These processes are parallel and complementary, lead us to implement a national supertask - the conversion of State Israel to “Jewish Small Superpower”. Practical implementation is quite well-founded for realization. Current development of Western democracy significantly stimulates and accelerates the process.
Possibility of our joint interaction is solved by systems communication.
Borders of the geographical states aare not an obstacle for us.
The Internet-space is opened for us and friendly to us.
We have all: necessity, possibility and sufficiency for formation of community without borders.
It is Global Community
of the Russian Jews.
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