Sketch of the plan GERCOMM...
Part 1. A substantiation of necessity, possibility and sufficiency. (Why)
Part 2. General provisions of the plan of Community. (What)
Part 3. Plan realization. “Devil is in the details”. (How)
Part 2. General provisions of the plan of GERCOMM.
Dear visitor!
There is page of "Associate participant" of the Community.
It is a way of an estimation of your possibility and responsibility, your trust to a society and trust of a society to you. The Community needs you. Our intentions consist in granting to you, as well as each of us, real possibility of the statement your vital and moral values, intellectual, personal and professional realization.
The Community is not created as a traditional society (state) with branches of the government and management layers. The Community does not form parties and politicians for management of the activity. The Community does not divide the citizens depending on physical residing at this or that country.
We have enough examples of geographical countries in which the development of democracy has a chance to go to liberalism, to socialism, ... and maybe more ...…
This example, clearly expressed in the USA, supported by an accelerated process of assimilation of American Jews, the primacy of the Jews in multiculturalism, tolerance and liberalism.
In Russia, we are citizens of the country, which combines some features of democracy, a strong centralized power and adaptability of the Jews to power.
We also have enough an example of Israel. Having made “Copy and Paste” from forms of existing democracies, the country of the Jewish people has received problems which have already defined Russian Jews as a separate community of Israel.
We proceed from the significant facts for us:
- We go to synagogue and pray by Torah's words, regardless of the geography of the country. We know that we the people of the Book. But even if we do not go to synagogue, or even if not pray - we know that we are Jews that we have moved from the former totalitarian country.
- We are equal. Russian Jew - Pedro Rabinovich from Argentina is equal to Michael Rabinovich from Russia by intellect and mentality, and each of them by talent and hard work not inferior to Yitzhak Rabin - a former prime minister of Israel.
- Old photo peasant-woman which standing firmly with bare feet on ground, rifle in hand, is a photo of Arik Sharon's mother. She does not gave their land to kibbutz for the public using. For us it is a symbol of the Jewish woman capable up in arms to protect the right person, the right to property, the right of family. That's our mentality.
- Economic globalism are corresponds to traditional mobility of Jews and especially the Russian Jews who have escaped to open spaces of the world from the former socialist country. Crises can be global, but we are able to form a global structure, enabling us to emerge from the crisis without losses are characteristic for the citizens of geographical countries.
We voluntary unite in community - Global Community of the Russian Jews, GERCOMM.
GERCOMM is build as association of creators, engaged in various activities is high mission of the person which has defined G-d.
Our goals are:
- a common work - we create the enterprises, technologies, businesses in all countries of our residing, in economically and geographically effective areas;
- creation of families, raising children – the foundation is the general mental nature, based on the classic Jewish and Russian culture, created by the joint intelligence;
- complementary medical systems - in a basis are achievements of the Israeli medicine, technology of the West and art of the Jewish doctors;
- the education system, combining both equality in education and orientation to early identification of skills and talent of the student;
- financial system;
- defense participants of Community from governments and organizations of geographical countries;
- defense participants of Community from various countries, organizations and groups aspiring as to physical destruction of our participants and their moral humiliation and abuse.
We are building the Community as a society in which each participant is the individual equal to any another individual. We use concept “one person - one vote” only at the time of entry of the individual in the Community. Further "value vote" changes under the influence of the criteria of Community to “values estimate of the person”..
The  Community defines concept and criteria of “value estimation of the person”..
Equality consists in equality of opportunity to change the "value estimation of the person”, which is defined by knowledge, skill, responsibility.
Decisions of  Community are made as result of merge of estimations of all residents, not summation of votes.
Highest "value estimation of the person” reach Participants who are creators in any field of human activity. The highest achievement is a professionalism of person, regardless of the character of its activities.
We define individuals, professions and professional activities are forbidden in the Community.
Politicians of geographical countries does NOT allow for living in the Community.
Persons, busy in any branch of government of geographical countries does NOT allow for residing in the Community.
GERCOMM does Not allow systems of mass influence, their owners and their authors to participate in solving problems GERCOMM, show or in any way to discuss them in their systems. GERCOMM use the system of mass influences of geographic states to appeal to the people of those countries and in those cases that people GERCOMM deems necessary. GERCOMM provides information of general form through independent Internet bloggers, thepartisipants who live in Metropolitan and the Diaspora countries. Association participants of the GERCOMM are on forums and blogs GERCOMM. GERCOMM creates its own technology communication of the GERCOMM which different and independent from used in geographical states.
The concept of responsibility is the Fundamental Law of the GERCOMM.
Responsibility of the participant consists in participation of everyone in distribution of the budget of Commutnty in definition directions of development of GERCOMM, in financing of projects, businesses. Responsibility consists also in knowledge of programs of definition "value estimation of the person”, their possibilities in change "values estimate of the person”.
Note of the author:
1 - The concept of "value estimation of the person”- the principal novelty of the GERCOMM..
This determination can work only in a homogeneous national community. Probable, that this is possible only in human society of similar intelligence, mentality, human characteristics. GERCOMM. - a unique social structure that can take advantage of the "value estimation of the person”- in its development.
2 - Several long phrase "value estimation of the person" can be replaced by the single word "rating". But modern language or rather the media is so distorted the essence of the word, its use I considered premature.
3 - GERCOMM. uses the name the "system mass influence" instead " system mass information " or “ mass media " as a more accurate name of the function that this sphere of activity perform.