Sketch of the plan GERCOMM...
Part 1. A substantiation of necessity, possibility and sufficiency. (Why)
Part 2. General provisions of the plan of Community. (What)
Part 3. Plan realization. “Devil is in the details." (How)
Part 3. Plan realization. “Devil is in the details."
Dear visitor! It is page of the “Full-fledged participant” Community.
Hello Participant of the Community! Our goals are great and varied.. We wish you success and good luck in management of private and public property. You have proved the responsibility. We trust you and we sure that you will find the best decision of many problems of GERCOOM..
The Global Community of Russian Jews (GERCOMM) is created as the Internet-communications community.
Participants of Community are citizens of the former Soviet Union, the present citizens of Israel, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, many other countries. The Internet - servers of Community exist physically and virtually is in all geographical countries of participants.
The participant of Community - the owner of the personal page and the owner of the specialized computer - “Jewru”. The given acquisition is area of the participant, its ownership and the initial investment. The owner of a page - an individual, in a family - each spouse owns its own territory – the page and responsible for it.
The GERCOOM is created as the global investment company.
The GERCOMM's budget is formed by funds and investments of each participant.
The GERCOMM is not a bank deposit of participant's funds.
The GERCOMM is defines projects, effective enterprises, businesses.
The participant brings out their preferences and in according with them sends their funds.
Budget management of the Community i.e. the allocation of resources is the main concern of each participant, subject of his responsibility.
Each participant takes part in the distribution of both proprietary and public funds of the GERCOMM.
This is an area of responsibility and the parameter defining the "the value estimation of the person”..
Each participant manages his own investments: for example 40% under personal management and passes 60% under the Community management are directed on the purpose, defined by Community.
Permanent concern of the participant there is a growth of investments and accordingly growth of the personal and total capital.
Community capital is defined amount of money invested by participants.
With the growth of Community and business development the budget is supplemented by the profit of the enterprises.
The profit of participantis determined by invested contributions, project efficiency and by "the value estimation of the person”, under the criteria elaborated by the  Community.
The absolute value of investment does not define "the value estimation of the person".
Process of settling of Community - individual.
The first, the second and the further stages (a settling wave) - are various on occurrence.
The first wave is about 100 persons the number defined in a Torah. (The Sanhedrim is equal 71.)
They are authors and partners of “The SKETCH of the Plan” and the persons recommended by them.
They are the individuals who have taken place in the social and material status, on belief equal to each other. Understanding of the meaning and essence of created exceeds the desires and ambitions, for example, desire to get high profit on the first investment.
The process of settling of the Community is considered on Web page “Participantt”.
Creation of the enterprises. Types businesses.
GERCOMM companies aimed at creating a global manufacturing, service and market, orienting on participants of the GERCOMM living in different geographical states. The purpose of business is to make profit by GERCOMM in rates exceeding similar in different countries.
The main activity of the GERCOMM is the creation of intellectual property (IP - Intellectual Property). GERCOMM will use historically distinct advantage of intellectual activity of the Jewish people in all countries of Diaspora. Innovative methods and technology, research and original solutions are the subject of attention, preferential use and protection of GERCOMM. Authors of ideas, patents are the owners of their innovations. GERCOMM defines the right of authors as the primary and protects them in all geographic states.
Possible examples of enterprises, production systems and services:
- Manufacture of "rural" computers with degree of protection superior the known;
- Protective system of own network and Internet network, which is different from existing ones;
- Food production and service systems for GERCOMM participants and their families;
- The health care system for the GERCOMM participants, extended on the geographical state;
- Tourism is an association of participants and their families;
In all kinds of professional work of GERCOMM, we prefer to employment for participants of Community, both in production and in management.
GERCOMM constitutes a virtual settlements, uniting people for professional activities.
GERCOMM settlements is concentrated around the moral center - the Sakharov Center. The moral center creates moral norms, assesses the morality of the GERCOMM and geographical states.
GERCOMM forms a Layer of Managers Community, limited in number (for example 71), which is formed from participants with the highest "value estimation of the person". At least once a year is a programmable update leadership team, according to “values estimation of the person”. The existence of a Manager is a special person or leader is a nonsense. The objective of leadership layer is the creation of new research, technologies, businesses and enterprises. Methods of their activity exclude losses of ideas, authors and copyrights.
GERCOMM creates External Council and Counsil Protection of participants, business investment of the Community. Councils are created by analogy with a Layer Managers of the Community..
External Council is make estimation of the communications of Community. with the geographical states.
Council proposes to the GERCOMM collaboration with the geographical states in a positive or neutral evaluation of the relationship. GERCOMM terminates activities in a given geographical state in case of a negative assessment of cooperation. GERCOMM requires maximum compensation possible losses, repeatedly uses the right of greater compensation of any kind, seeking moral solutions.
Participants of GERCOMM are aware limited possibility of Israel as geographical state, as the state - Metropolia.
Participants of GERCOMM are aware limited possibilities of Jews communities of Diaspora’s countries.
Participants of GERCOMM are aware of the insufficient possibilities, even taking into account our disagreement with smallness.
But united by one goal, one aspiration we are able to raise the intellectual and technological power, which under the force of the national supertask - the creation of "Jewish Small Superpower".